cloudflare.jpgOfficial Cloudflare Partner May 2013

The aWebpage team is happy to announce our partnership with the worlds leading Content Distribution Network (CDN) Cloudflare.

What is a CDN?

A CDN is a large network of web hosts distributed globally that host the static content within your webpage, for example images. The benefit of having your webpage uploaded across this network is that it helps your pages load quickly no matter where in the world the visitor is from.

cloudflare-howitworks.jpgHow does it work?

Duplicating your webpage across so many servers world wide was used to be a time consuming and difficult task reserved for large enterprise scale businesses. Thanks to CloudFlares propritary technology and global web hosting infrastructure, getting your site up and running on a CDN is now accessiable webpage owners of all sizes and is as easy as clicking a button.

Once setup, your webpages static files will by automatically cached across Cloudflares global network.


What are the benefits?

Because your webpage is duplicated across so many web servers, being a part of a CDN not only helps your page load faster, but also helps to protect your webpage from malicious hacking attacks and unexpected increases in web traffic.

How do I access CloudFlare?

Accessing CloudFlare is as easy as having your webpage hosted with aWebpage.

For further information on how you can get your webpage super charged by CloudFlare, contact or call aWebpage today!